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Cemetery Commission

The Cemetery Commission operates and maintains the Riverview Cemetery. The Groveland Cemetery Commission and its staff are dedicated to the maintenance, restoration and perpetuation of the grounds and monuments of the Riverview Cemetery and the smallpox cemetery. Our objective is to offer the people of Groveland and their families’ burial grounds and services consistent with the Town’s needs, the social and cultural needs of its residents, and the Cemetery’s beautiful and historic setting. We strive to preserve and maintain our cemeteries while simultaneously developing and improving new sites and offering new internment services in a financially responsible manner.

Cemetery Documents

Planting Policy

 Flowers (either annuals or perennials) may be placed at the base of the monument with the following stipulations:

  • Planting of shrubs is prohibited. Existing shrubs will not exceed the height of the monument.
  • No Glass containers, Large flower urns or holders are allowed. No exceptions.
  • Multiple flower pots or containers are prohibited.
  • Planting Area- The flowerbed may be no wider than the width of the monument base and is restricted to one foot in front of monument.
  • Planting behind a monument or on flush markers is Not allowed
  • No lot shall be enclosed by fencing, railing, wall hedge or masonry items.
  • Unsightly or improper plantings, used receptacles, old flowers or wreaths, and artificial holiday flowers will be removed. Flowers or containers on flush stones that interfere with mowing or trimming will be removed by cemetery staff.
  • The cemetery is not responsible for theft or damage to property left on lots.
  • Any overgrown shrubs or flowers that are deemed unsightly will be tagged for removal. After two weeks the cemetery staff reserves the right to remove any tagged items.

Seasonal Flowers/Decorations

  • Seasonal floral arrangements are allowed. Plastic floral arrangements but must be changed out seasonally after holiday periods.  This will be strictly enforced by the Superintendent.
  • Winter/ Spring cleanup – Spring Clean-up will be conducted any time after March 1 and will remove all winter decorations, planters, plastic flowers ,etc. Winter Clean-up will be conducted any time after November 1 and will remove all dead, or seasonal decorations planters etc.
  • Holiday Decorations will be cleaned up 2 weeks after the holiday.

Please keep lots clean and free of hazards to help the staff safely keep the cemetery maintained.

Trash will run on the regular schedule - There will be no delay due to Christmas & New Years