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Economic Development Planning and Conservation Department

The Economic Development Planning and Conservation Department shall provide support services, general administration and oversight of the development and redevelopment of land within the Town of Groveland, including but not limited to planning, zoning, and conservation. The Department also provides general interpretation and administration of Zoning, the Planning Board rules and regulations, Sec. 8-19 Wetlands Protection of the General Bylaw, and any other relevant local ordinance as well as all relevant state and federal statutes relating to said local bylaws (which include but are not limited to the Zoning Enabling Act, MGL c. 40A, subdivision control, MGL c. 41, comprehensive permits, MGL c. 40B, the Wetlands Act, and the Rivers Protection Act).

The Economic Development Planning & Conservation Department is committed to a coordinated and comprehensive approach to the town’s land use management, planning, economic development, conservation, historic preservation, and future objectives. It provides technical planning guidance and assistance to public and private entities in the areas of land use planning, zoning, economic development, as well as public outreach and engagement. The Department implements projects and programs designed to improve the economy, environment, and physical infrastructure of the Town. 

The Economic Development Planning & Conservation Department provides oversight and administrative support to the Planning BoardZoning Board of AppealsConservation CommissionCommunity Preservation Committee, Elm Square CommitteeHistoric Commission and the Open Space & Trails Committee.

General Information

Elm Square Revitalization

Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness

The Town of Groveland was awarded a grant through the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Program to perform a vulnerability study relative to potential future climate change conditions within the Johnsons Creek Watershed.

The Johnsons Creek Watershed has several areas of potential flood risk . The purpose of this grant is to perform a detailed watershed-wide vulnerability study relative to potential future climate change conditions. Expected outcomes of this grant include:

Engage stakeholders and residents to perform crowd-sourced data collection to gain a better understanding of watershed-wide concerns.

Perform site assessments at high priority/high flood-risk locations throughout the watershed.

Develop a hydrologic and hydraulic model of the watershed to identify and quantify areas of flooding concern relative to current and future potential climate conditions.

Develop a prioritized action plan to increase resiliency to climate change throughout the watershed, with a focus on Nature Based Solutions.

How Can I get Involved in this Grant Project?

There will be several opportunities for stakeholder engagement and feedback throughout this project. Some ways to get started are listed below:

  • Use the public input tool to provide information on potential problem areas within the Johnson Creek Watershed (e.g., past flooding information, potential areas where improvements can be made).
    • To use the input tool. Once you open MIMAP on the left hand menue you will see a link that says ‘Provide Feedback’. Click the link and provide the infomation as needed and click ‘add area’ in order to add the location/area of concern. 
  • Attend ‘Drop-In’ hours at the Town Planning Department at 183 Main Street on the 1st Monday each month from 4PM to 7PM. 
  • Call the Project Hotline (978)556-7215 on Wednesdays between the hours of 9AM to 12PM.
  • Stakeholder meetings will be held to discuss preliminary project findings and obtain feedback. Meeting are anticipated to be held in the Spring of 2022.

See below for some of the early planning documents. 

Community Trail

Town of Groveland

The time is finally here! Construction for the Community Trail will begin on Wednesday, December 1st.

Please note, the trail is officially closed to the public until construction is complete. 

The Groveland Community Trail will be a 3.25-mile shared use, ono motorized path on-road/sidewalk from Town Hall to 441 Main Street, continuing off road along National Grid utility right-of-way to it is intersection with King Street. T shared-use paved path connecting multiple community areas, including the Bagnall Elementary School, the Center Street Greenway, Shanahan Field, and multiple residential neighborhoods.

We will be providing updated through the website and out social media pages. You can also check in with the Friends of the Groveland Community Trail.

See the latest schedule here

Community Dog Park

The project site is located at the Pines Recreation Area on approximately 55,000 SF.

The Town recevied a Stanton Foundation Grant of $25,000 for the design of the park. 

The design process will involve consideration of typical elements and site features common to a dog park, including, but not limited to: fencing, man-made natural features, boulders, shade structures, landscaping, lighting, and irrigation. The site design will be ADA compliant. Copley Wolff has been retained to provide a review of the site and initial concept, develop design alternatives (up to 3 concepts), conduct a community process to analyze the concepts and prioritize elements, and prepare construction documents based on the preferred concept derived through the community process. The construction documents will be used to secure funding for the construction phase.

Complete Street

Open Space


Trash will run on the regular schedule - There will be no delay due to Christmas & New Years