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Historic Commission

The mission of the Groveland Historical Commission is to protect, preserve and promote Groveland’s historic structures, neighborhoods, and landscapes.

Little Red School House

Town of Groveland Historic Red School House

The North School, a one room school house built in 1865 and current home for the Groveland Garden Club, is still situated at its original location on Broad Street in a section of town known as Savaryville. The school has seen many generations of Groveland children enter and leave through its doorways until 1956 when a burgeoning post World War II population finally overran the modest space, forcing students to relocate to a different school.

The Little Red School House, as it is affectionately called by townsfolk, is owned by the town of Groveland, and leased to the Groveland Garden Club. The Club saved the building from demolition in 1965 and has since lovingly cared for the schoolhouse as a living exhibit. The original blackboards still hang on the walls and the floors are the same floors that generations of Groveland children trod when the town was in its infancy. Today, colonial workshops are held there so that third grade students in Groveland can experience the history of their local historic landmark.

The schoolhouse is one of two remaining historic structures in Groveland, the other being Washington Hall. The town of Groveland voiced its pride in their town treasure in 2009 when Community Preservation Act funds were voted to restore the structure of the Little Red School House.