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COVID-19 Statement #3

The Board of Selectmen held an emergency meeting on Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 3pm to discuss the Town’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. At that meeting the board implemented some new protocols that will go into effect until further notice.

Beginning on Monday, March 23rd the Board of Selectmen will hold a COVID-19 meeting every Monday at 4:30pm to continue to review the way the town is handling and responding to this world-wide pandemic. Going forward each Tuesday, I will be putting out a statement and sending out a town-wide call with any updates or new information. While we are cautious to not overwhelm residents, we feel regular communications will be helpful to keep folks up-to-date with the Town’s response to this virus. The health and safety of our residents and employees is our top priority.

Please keep in mind that all recreational areas in town are closed because we need to do something to stop groups from congregating. While we encourage residents to get outside and get some fresh air, we cannot continue to have groups of people at the playgrounds, playing basketball or soccer, or hanging out at the dog park together.  These steps being taken are to keep all residents safe.

During these unsettled times, we ask folks to please check in on your elderly neighbors. If they need groceries or rides to medical appointments, please call the Council On Aging at (978) 372-1101.  We can also deliver non-perishable food items from our pantry and staff will make well-being phone checks to anyone in need.  Help is always available and is just a phone call away.

As a reminder, all town offices are closed to the public and the police station lobby is open for emergencies only. Please visit our website for additional information on our online services.

Thank you, please stay well, safe, and healthy.

Denise M. Dembkoski

Finance Director

COVID-19 Statement #2- Declaration of Emergency

At their meeting on March 16, 2020, the Groveland Board of Selectmen voted a Declaration of Emergency in the Town of Groveland. As a result of this declaration, effective March 17, 2020 and until further notice:

  • All buildings operated by the Town of Groveland, with the exception of the police station lobby, will be closed to the public. Staff will still be available by phone and email during normal business hours.

Residents may conduct most town business online through our website or over the phone.  At you may pay excise, real estate tax, and water bills online.  You may order copies of birth, death, marriage certificates, and dog licenses.  And you may apply for, and review the status of, building permits.  For any correspondence to town hall offices, you may utilize email or the payment drop box at the entrance to town hall.  

Visit for a full listing of phone numbers, email addresses, and other pertinent information. Over the next few days, we will be updating our website to provide as much access to information, forms, and documents as possible.

  • All common recreational facilities are closed until further notice. This includes, but is not limited to: All aspects of the Pines Recreational Area, Shanahan Field, Washington Park, the fields and playground at the Bagnall School, and Strawberry Fields. Please be advised, the police will be monitoring these areas and will notify patrons of the closure.

The Town will continue to work with the public to provide as many services as possible during the current pandemic and State of Emergency. Please be assured that your local government is making every effort to keep you safe.

As of today, Groveland still has no known presumptive cases, but the Board of Health continues to monitor the situation.

Declaration of Emergency

COVID-19 Statement

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to worsen throughout the country, Groveland still has no known presumptive cases, but the Board of Health continues to monitor the situation.  In response to the new emergency orders put in place this evening by Governor Baker, please be advised that, for now, the Groveland Town Offices will remain open, but we would like residents and patrons to practice social distancing. 

The health and protection of every resident and employee is our primary concern, therefore, if possible, we ask residents to please try to conduct business online through our website ( or over the phone before deciding to come to Town Hall.  At you may pay excise, real estate tax, and water bills online.  You may order copies of birth, death, marriage certificates, and dog licenses.  And you may apply for, and review the status of, building permits.

For any correspondence to town hall offices, you may utilize email or the payment drop box at the entrance to town hall.  To contact the offices by email or phone, please utilize our department list found here:

If you must enter Town Hall or the Library, please be respectful of employees and follow the social distancing policy.  Please do not stand directly at the counters or employees’ desks.  Please do not linger in the hallways, please conduct your business and be on your way. Please be patient with employees, who will be taking the necessary precautions for their own safety. 

The Groveland Board of Health does not have the ability to test residents. For information on the Coronavirus outbreak, please visit the State’s information portal here: Or call the State’s Information Hotline at 211.

As of Friday, March 13th, the Council on Aging has cancelled all programs, except scheduled AARP Tax Preparations and Shine appointments. For COA transportation or for food pantry access, please contact the office at 978-372-1101 or 978-556-7217.

As of Monday, March 16th, the Langley Adams Library has canceled or postponed all programs. If you have questions on services they will continue to offer, please visit their website at or call them at 978-372-1732.  You can call the Library to request or renew items. Also, remember that our library does not charge fines for overdue materials. While we love when items make it back on time, we understand that this may not be 100% possible for everyone right now.

Until further notice, Inspectional Services will be limiting home inspections. 

In accordance with the new Emergency Open Meeting Law Regulations, all non-time sensitive board and committee meetings will be postponed. For meetings that take place, until further notice, public attendance will be limited.  We ask that residents watch the live broadcast on Channel 9 and email questions you may have on the relevant topic. An email address will be identified as part of the broadcast.  

Please be cognizant of those volunteers, who participate on Board or Committees, and must meet to conduct pertinent town business. If you do not need to attend a meeting, we ask that you please avoid attending and limiting the risk for all involved. 

During this time of unprecedented closures, we ask that residents avoid usage of town playgrounds, as the equipment is not disinfected and could facilitate the spread of germs. 

It is a challenge to maintain public safety and continue to provide a service to the residents. It is important to maintain normal operations as long as possible because this situation is evolving rapidly. The Town is monitoring the situation daily and will make changes as necessary. Please be assured that the safety of the people and employees of Groveland is paramount.

Board of Health Statement on Vaping Ban

In response to Governor Baker’s ban on vaping products, local health departments are required to handle the enforcement of the ban. The ban applies to flavors, menthol, mint and wintergreen, and other flavored products including the liquid used in e-cigarettes and other vaping devices until further investigation of their effects concerning public health are known. Groveland retailers will be inspected to ensure vaping products are removed. This rule may be enforced by the state and local officials and failure to comply may result in fines, seizure of vape products or other penalties.

For questions regard the Vaping Ban, please call the Board of Health at 978-556-7210.