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Technical Review Conference

The purpose of the preliminary consultation meeting is to help applicants through the development review and permitting process by identifying regulations that apply to the project, identify site design issues that are of concern and discussion of potential solutions, identify permits that will be required and the process for obtaining them, clarifying procedures, and establishing relationships early in the process. Not only does this allow prospective applicants to discuss proposed developments and receive input prior to officially submitting permit applications but it also helps departments to find solutions that meet the needs of multiple boards and commissions further facilitating the permitting process. 

In an effort to make these preliminary consultation meetings as productive as possible, it is essential that the applicant submit a preliminary plan or conceptual plan for informational purposes.

TRC meetings are held on Thursday at 10AM here in Town Hall by appointment only. It is important that either the applicant or the applicant’s representative attend the TRC meeting.

Upon completion of the preliminary consultation meetings, a Summary Report outlining the issues discussed and identifying the permits to be obtained for the proposed project will be provided. This Report will be forwarded to the applicant and to all Issuing Authorities that have jurisdiction over one or more aspects of the project within ten (10) business days.

Please contact Rebecca Oldham at or (978)556-7215 to schedule a TRC or if have any questions.