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Pines Boat Ramp

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Pines Launch Ramp Regulations


  • Moorings are assigned a number and location and cannot be moved without permission of the Harbormaster Authorities
  • Annual mooring permits will be given only after the applicant signs for a copy of the Launch Ramp Regulations and a mooring specification list.
  • All mooring and ground tackle must be inspected by the Harbormaster before the initial placement. Moorings and ground tackle will be inspected on an as needed basis after placement. Inspections will be conducted by or coordinated through the Harbormaster.
  • Vessels at moorings shall have two-thirds their length in clearance between other vessels at mooring. All vessels must maintain a minimum distance of twenty feet from other vessels at mooring.
  • It is the responsibility to of the mooring owner to maintain their chains, lines, shackles, and buoys.
  • Mooring permits are issued annually and must be reapplied for and paid for annually.
  • Permitted vessels MIST be moored for a minimum of thirty days during the boating season or the mooring permit may not be renewed. It is the mooring owners’ responsibility to inform the Harbormaster in writing as to why the mooring was not to be used. It will be the Harbormasters discretion weather or not to re-permit.


  • The purpose of the floats is for loading and unloading vessels. No vessel shall tie to town floats except for an emergency. In case of an emergency or mechanical breakdown, the owner of the vessel shall contact a marine towing service to remove the vessel. No vessel shall tie to Town Floats overnight without the Harbormaster’s permission.
  • Tenders, skiffs, or other small craft used in transport to a vessel at mooring shall not be left tied to the Town Floats. All tenders, skiffs, inflatable, etc. must be removed from ramp area after their use. There are three skiffs at the ramp for mooring transport. Pfd’s must be worn when using a transport skiff.
  • Boat owners and their guests shall observe all Local, State, and Federal laws and regulations governing vessel/boat safety and operation.
  • Guests are the responsibility of the boat owner.
  • Children must wear a Personal Floatation Device while on the Town Floats.
  • No unsupervised children allowed on the Town Floats.
  • Running on the Town Floats is prohibited.


  • Vehicles and/or boat trailers shall not be left parked on the launch ramp.
  • Parking at the ramp is by sticker only. Stickers are available at Town Hall. The fee for the annual Launch Ramp Sticker and accompanying key shall be twenty-five dollars ($25) for residents per year and One Hundred dollars ($100) for non-residents per year. Stickers and keys are good for one year only. Each year boaters must reapply for the new year.
  • Stickers must be visible from the exterior of the vehicle.
  • Guest parking shall be above the ramp gates. All vehicles shall angle park along the fences.
  • Powering boats on or off trailers is strictly prohibited. This is a soft bottom ramp and cannot tolerate the abuse of prop-wash. At the Harbormaster or Dock Master’s discretion repeat offenders will forfeit their launching ramp permit.
  • The gates are not to be left open. Once you safely enter or exit the premises, the gate must be locked. At the Harbormaster or Dock Master’s discretion repeat offenders will forfeit their launching ramp permit.


  • Boat speeds to be zoned at the Town Floats, Pines Launching Ramp, and Pines Mooring Area to a five mile an hour speed zone. Jet skis, jet bikes, and personal craft shall maintain headway speed only.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on the Town Floats.
  • No fishing from the Town Floats.
  • No swimming or diving from the Town Floats.