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Town of Groveland to Offer Free Rain Barrels to Residents to Help Conserve Water Resources

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GROVELAND 一 Town Administrator Rebecca Oldham and Water and Sewer Superintendent Colin Stokes are pleased to announce that a limited number of free rain barrels will be available to help residents conserve water.

The Town and Water and Sewer Department each purchased 20 barrels, which will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Residents can install a rain barrel by attaching it to a downspout, which allows it to directly collect rainwater from the roof. The rain barrels weigh 20 pounds when empty and can hold 60 gallons, which can cover up to 100 square feet with 1 inch of water.

Rain barrels can help save drinking water resources, reduce the amount of water purchased from municipal sources, and lower water use bills.

The rain barrels also have environmental benefits, including the reduction of runoff and deposited pollutants in waterways such as soil, lawn fertilizers, trash, pesticides, animal waste, and chemicals that can harm aquatic and human life. They also reduce erosion and flooding risks by reducing stormwater runoff.

More frequent and severe droughts are expected as climate change continues to increase temperatures, raise evaporation rates, and dry out soil. Droughts will continue to create challenges for local water supply by reducing surface water storage and the recharge of groundwater supplies, including private wells. 

The use of rain barrels is an easy way for the community to conserve water resources and protect the environment.

“We encourage homeowners to use rain barrels because they help manage water resources by reducing runoff, lowering municipal water demands, saving energy at treatment plants, and improving residential stormwater management,” Superintendent Stokes said. “Rain barrels also help residents to reduce water bills.”

Rain barrels may be reserved by contacting Town Administrator Oldham at

“As we have seen with the recent drought conditions, supporting our groundwater supplies is critical,” Town Administrator Oldham said. “Using rain barrels protects the water we use for both drinking and for fire protection.”

Rain barrels also may be purchased on The Great American Rain Barrel website for $79 for a painted barrel or $74 for an unpainted barrel.